Sex ed question

There are many options for birth control out there. What does it feel like to have something swinging between your legs at all times? Tearing is more likely to occur during anal sex than vaginal sex, which will generally make anyone more predisposed to infections. In short, sex should never be painful. Is there any chance whatsoever of getting pregnant from oral sex?

Sex ed question

And is there any way to straighten them out? Other animals have structures to keep the females from getting away until the deed is done. If so, how does he fix it? So then, should you buy for pleasure or safety? Just like a dish sponge with water, the penis swells with blood when erect. So why does morning wood happen? What do guys get out of the whole homoerotic circle jerk thing? There are many options for birth control out there. So can you just stuff your flaccid penis into her vagina? And why is there so much of it? If a woman has a lot of sex over the years, does her vagina necessarily get looser? What do guys do when they have an erection and they really need to pee? Often, pain during sex happens due to a lack of lubrication and tense vaginal muscles as a result of anxiety. Is there any chance whatsoever of getting pregnant from oral sex? Pubic hair tends to show up as a part of puberty. So the best way to have an orgasm is to approach sexual sensation with an open mind and some patience. Why is there no Viagra for women? But things like using petroleum-based lubricants, putting one condom on top of another, and holes in condoms will render them unsafe. What is an orgasm supposed to feel like, exactly? In short, though, when you have an orgasm you usually know it. But all things being equal, women reported in one survey that they were more likely to have a vaginal orgasm when having sex with a man whose penis was a little longer. That said, if the normal-size condoms are distressingly uncomfortable, perhaps try the magnum sizes. So it follows that small amounts of fluids can enter that way as well. And as with any sex act, plenty of foreplay, ease of mind, and lubrication will go a long way toward pleasure. Not putting on a condom properly can also reduce its effectiveness. But the importance of selecting the right condom size is essentially a myth.

Sex ed question

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    Researchers actually have two different terms for fluid excretion associated with the female orgasm:


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