Lookinf for sex slave in kentucky

Experts say most of the victims are vulnerable women and children. Finally, the fast-food company sat down with representatives of the CIW and signed on the dotted line. It allows victims to sue their traffickers for damages and unpaid wages. According to a U. Today, we call it human trafficking, but it is nothing less than a modern-day slave trade. We are forced to rely heavily on private foundations and donations, which are simply not enough. Some victims are smuggled across the Mexican and Canadian borders; others arrive at our major airports daily, carrying real or forged papers. And yet, there has never been a single day without slavery on this continent, from its European discovery right up to the present moment. The small number of trafficking cases currently in the courts is misleading.

Lookinf for sex slave in kentucky

John and Rebecca Hull, owners of Louisville-based Cheetahs Escorts Agency, were arrested and charged with coercing a woman into prostitution. We know the Emancipation Proclamation freed all the slaves, and that the United States has been slavery-free ever since. Polaris sponsors and operates the National Human Trafficking Hotline. To afford the journey, they fork over their life savings and unwittingly go into debt to people who make them promises they have no intention of keeping. Trafficking in humans is one of the most profitable criminal enterprises of our time, along with drugs and guns, and is responsible for tens of billions of dollars annually in criminal revenues worldwide. Today, we call it human trafficking, but it is nothing less than a modern-day slave trade. During her three years with the coalition, she's seen more than 50 cases in Kentucky. These things we know—and none of it is true. Obdulio Morales and Esthela Vasquez are accused of running brothels in metro neighborhoods. We can be the generation to finally end this nationwide affliction. That same year, Kentucky passed its first human trafficking law, which made it a felony to coerce anyone into any form of forced labor. Instead of a jail cell, minors rescued from forced prostitution are now eligible for services through the state Cabinet for Health and Family Services along with other abuse and neglect victims. Experts say most of the victims are vulnerable women and children. Last week we brought you the disturbing details of what the feds are calling a multi-state human trafficking network involving Louisville. There are six multi-agency, anti-trafficking task forces throughout Kentucky; the one in Bardstown is the only one that is funded. Many come in the hope of earning enough money to support or send for their families. In , calls were made to the hotline from Kentucky; of these, 51—more than 25 percent—came from Louisville. The ice had been broken. But a WAVE 3 investigation found vulnerable women and children are being forced into lives of prostitution here in Kentucky. In situations where a charge of trafficking based on fraud or coercion would be difficult to prove, cases have been brought on other related charges: Another human trafficking arrest was made—also in Jefferson County—in early May. Theresa Hayden teaches that class. They do not represent a class of poorly paid employees toiling at jobs they might not like. On May 25, , Kerry B. It uses a four-tier system, with tier one being the most favorable and tier four reflecting minimal to no effort on the part of a given state. Besides, there is much more funding available for sexual coercion cases than labor violations.

Lookinf for sex slave in kentucky

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    And because it exists under the radar, it spreads like a cancer. We can be the generation to finally end this nationwide affliction.


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